Think Small! There is a common perception that watercoolers are big, expensive and too much hassle for small businesses – which is why we offer Ebac’s SlimCool – a watercooler specifically designed for the small business or home user. It therefore has no integral tube for cups.

With its slim design, low running costs and easy to manage sanitisation system – the SlimCool is the perfect cooler for small businesses or home user.

The SlimCool features all the latest Ebac technological advancements, as well as the proven reliability and quality that comes with the Ebac name.

The SlimCool is the first watercooler in the world which has been designed from the ground-up to be specifically targeted towards small businesses and home users – making it a vital part of any watercooler portfolio.

The Slim Cool watercoolers are around 26% slimmer than the average cooler with a diameter of just 20cm – which means they fit effortlessly into even the smallest space. Delivering ambient and chilled water, they’re ideal for the home or office with its slim design, low running costs and ease of use.

Available in cream, it looks good! Also available in beech, silver or black, and can be ordered on request.



  • Available in cream but features a choice of 3 changeable side panels (beech, silver or black) which can be ordered on request.
  • Height (cm) 95.5 Width 20 Depth 20
  • Weight 13kg
  • Refrigeration Type Electronic
  • Refreshingly cool, clean and pure drinking water
  • Strong build quality


» WaterTrail

Developed in 1994, the WaterTrail has become the most popular method of sanitisation in Europe. The removable WaterTrail means all water contact parts are simply replaced – not cleaned – meaning 100% sanitisation.

» Good Looks that Last

Combining good looks with impeccable reliability – the Slimcool features stylish curves to fit into the modern office environment.

Built to be many times stronger than it needs to be (4 units can hold the weight of a vehicle), the Slimcool is constructed from ultra-durable ABS Polymer to ensure it withstands many years of use.

This exceptional durability means that the cooler will be less liable to breakages and will never rust.


» No Leak Manifold

Ensures that drips from leaking bottle caps do not contaminate the water reservoir or cause leaks.

» Hedgehog Spike

Users occasionally place water bottles on a cooler without removing the label – which then causes the label to be pushed up into the bottle – which can be very difficult to remove. With our Hedgehog Spike (only in Ebac Watercoolers), the water label is pierced but never dislodged – this ensures that labels are never pushed up into the bottle.

» Duplex Dispense Nozzle

Prevents contamination – customers fingers and hands can never come into direct contact with the point of water dispense.

» Adjustable Drip Tray

Enables larger containers such as sports bottles to be filled.

» High dispense point

Allows easy access to water – no stooping or bending required!

» No plumbing required

Just plug in! Installation uses an ordinary 13 Amp plug.

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