Lavazza Gran Filtro Ground Coffee

Lavazza Gran Filtro is a prestigious blend of mild 100% Arabica coffees from the highlands of Central and South America, offering a full flavoured cup of coffee, aromatic and sweetly fragrant to satisfy the most discerning tastes.  The result is this stunning coffee with rich aroma and well-balanced taste, purposely roasted and blended to brew a full-flavoured coffee with fantastic aroma.  

Lavazza Gran Filtro ground coffee creates a great tasting coffee which can be enjoyed at any point in the day. This can be used in percolators, cafetieres and food service coffee machines.  


Description: 100% premium Arabica beans from Central and South America resulting in a superb, rich aroma and well balanced taste

Body: 3

Roasting: Medium

Main Characteristics: Light fruity notes and delicate body

Aroma and Flavour: Delicate and refined aroma and well balanced taste

Quantity: Ground coffee available in bags of 1 kg

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