Designed to be a key player in the mains fed watercooler market, the Fleet watercooler is Ebac’s latest watercooler innovation featuring Direct chill, Ice bank technology and revolutionary Direct Dispense system creating the Fleet Direct Dispense+.

The Fleet cooler is well engineered and designed, it promises reliability, optimum performance and simple sanitation methods.

The Fleet watercooler delivers high quality drinking water at the touch of a button. This is a robust, reliable mains fed watercooler which will fit well into any environment. With a choice of water options including: Ambient and Chilled and Chilled and Hot the Ebac Fleet will offer customers the perfect drinking experience every time.

The Fleet provides unlimited, filtered chilled water on demand. The Fleet filtration system reduces the chance of microbiological contamination by 98% and is one of the safest mains fed coolers on the market.

The Fleet is available in charcoal / grey.



  • Height (cm) 112.5, Width 36.5, Depth 35
  • Weight (kg) 16.5
  • Refrigeration type Electronic
  • Water Filter Microns 0.5
  • Water Filter Lifespan 6 months
  • Option of Free standing or table top versions (table top can be ordered on request)



» Direct Dispense

Developed in 2008, Ebac’s Direct Dispense system proved popular as not only does direct dispense technology reduce time spent in the field sanitising coolers but it also reduces costs associated with sanitation. When designing the Fleet cooler it was decided that a direct dispense facility would be a perfect fit for the Fleet.

» Direct Dispense+

Direct Dispense+ can only be found in Ebac’s Fleet cooler and it incorporates the best technologies available on the market renowned for giving high burst rates (Direct Chill and Ice bank). The Fleet filters the water on the point of Dispense rather than when it enters the cooler. As with normal POU coolers, water is supplied directly from the mains water supply which has been disinfected (typically with chlorine in the UK) to remove bacteria and ensure safe water reaches the public.

In typical coolers systems, water is filtered as it enters the unit before being deposited in a large reservoir – as it is now chlorine free, all of the water that has been deposited in the cooler – typically about 2.5 litres – loses its antibacterial properties, and therefore becomes susceptible to bacterial contamination. With Direct Dispense+ however, the amount of water that is susceptible to contamination is reduced by more than 98% – this is because the water supply is not filtered before it enters the cooler – but just before the point of dispense.

Direct Dispense has the lowest volume of susceptible water of all these methods at just 30ml – the result is a system which gives a 98% reduction in the possibility of bacterial contamination. Remember you remove the filter on sanitation and re-place with a new one, so the Direct dispense plus give’s 100% guarantee of sanitation every time!!!


» High Dispense Point

Customers have easier access to water with our High Level Dispense Point – no stooping or bending is required to dispense water.

» Duplex Dispense Nozzle

Prevents contamination – customers fingers and hands can never come into direct contact with the point of water dispense.

» Drip Tray

Drips from the dispense nozzle are collected in the removable drip tray, when the drip tray is full a red float display will appear to indicate to the customer to empty it. Also the fleet drip tray has been designed with permanent drain facility in mind so you can permanently drain the drip tray if required. Large Dispense space to accommodate for sport bottles and jugs to fit under with ease.

» Direct Dispense Cartridge System

Offering a quick sanitation method that not only reduces contamination but gives an easy maintenance process.

» Built in Water Pressure Regulator

Taking the hassle out of installations, and knowing that the water pressure inside the cooler is at its optimum.


» Direct Dispense

By incorporating Direct Dispense into the Fleet Cooler, the water is filtered at the time of dispense. This means that the water does not come into contact with air until dispense which keeps it cleaner and less prone to contamination.

» Direct Chill

Direct chill is an effective way to chill water quickly on demand. Its main advantage over other cooling methods is that the water flows constantly through the system, rather than sitting in a reservoir waiting to be dispensed. Coupling this technology with Ebac’s unique Direct Dispense system means that the vulnerability attached to filtering water prior to entering the coils of a standard direct chill unit is now eliminated!!! A huge leap forward for the mains fed water cooler market as Ebac offer water that is only filtered on the point of dispense but also chilled on demand.

» Ice Bank

Ice bank technology is a form of thermal energy storage and when it is used in coolers it is considered to be one of the most effective ways to reduce the temperature of the water inlet. Within the Fleet cooler the drinking water will pass through thin coils, outside of the coils is a reservoir where cold water is placed, this cold water will form Ice to enable the drinking water inside of the coils to reduce in temperature making it now possible for you to offer a permanent supply of chilled and filtered water.

» Direct Dispense +

By incorporating Direct Chill, Ice bank technology and Direct dispense Ebac present the Direct Dispense +.

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